FAQ - answers


In the upper right corner of the site there is a button 'Login/Register'. Then you need to specify: E-mail, Password, Phone number. Tick the 'I agree to the processing of personal data' box. Press the 'Register' button.

Try another password in English, at least 8 characters long, without special characters.

You may not have received a registration email, please follow the link in the email.

Please check that you have entered your email and 'Spam' folder correctly.

After successful registration, you need to click on the 'Pass KYC' button and follow the step-by-step prompts to upload the documents for verification.

ID card, driving licence, residential licence. Use a document from the list to verify your address

Our company is officially registered and has a licence to operate. Providing documents and personal information is only necessary for your safety. PLAY FUNDS DEVELOPMENT does not have access to your documents, the verification and validation procedure is carried out by a third party independent personal data processing company licensed by China Tax Administration and internationally certified.


You can choose an investment package and then deposit funds according to the package terms and conditions. You can either top up your account using the funds on your balance, or choose a convenient way to transfer funds (bank cards, cryptocurrencies, etc.).

We provide you with several ways to top up your balance:
- Using bank card
Cryptocurrency or electronic dollar USDT
You can also use other methods by contacting our technical support team:
- Using PayPal
- Using Perfect Money
- Using Payeer

- Play Funds Development will credit you the full amount based on the current market rate of your chosen cryptocurrency.
- Keep in mind that it may make more sense to make one large deposit instead of several small ones, as you will pay network fees when sending from your own wallet or preferred exchange platform.
- Some exchange platforms, for example, deduct up to $20 for withdrawing Tether (USDT) [ERC20].

- In most cases, all deposits are received within 30 minutes or more, as it requires several confirmations on the blockchain.
- Our system checks for new deposits every few minutes.
- Please wait at least 24 hours after making a deposit before contacting our support team about missed transactions.

Course. Your balance is your money stored in your PLAY FUNDS DEVELOPMENT account. You can invest it in one or more areas, or withdraw it to your personal account.

Of course. Your money that you send to the company's account will be stored in your balance. You can top up your balance with several transactions and then open a new deposit with these funds.

- Don't worry if you send another transaction to the old wallet address you used to fund your Play Funds Development account.
-Your money is safe!
- Unfortunately, our system does not automatically check the balances of the addresses you use. Therefore, our team has to manually review and verify the value of the transaction when you sent it. The amount will then be credited to your account.
- So if you sent money to an old address, wait 24 hours for the transaction to be fully validated on the blockchain.
- After those 24 hours, please contact our support team so we can take care of it!

- Our system and all internal processes are carried out in US dollars.
- Once the transaction is confirmed, your account will be credited with the correct value in US dollars based on the specified market price.
- Thus, you can safely invest without worrying about price fluctuations in the cryptocurrency market.
- You can contact technical support to top up your fiat balance with the currency of your choice. For example: Indian rupee, Kazakhstani tenge and others.

You will start receiving dividends the next day.

Currency conversion is available only on wallets. To do this, select a wallet, click Transfer - Currency Conversion, select the wallet to which you want to transfer funds, specify the amount and click (Transfer).

The minimum amount to invest in our company is $30.


Yes, you can open an unlimited number of deposits. If you already have an open investment plan and want to open a new one - just open your personal cabinet and choose the direction you want to invest in.

As your funds are invested directly in digital assets, we cannot make early withdrawals. You can withdraw funds from your balance, to which you receive daily dividends from your investment.

In your personal cabinet you can see the statistics of your profitability. Your income depends on your investments, as well as on the partners you have invited.

Your dividends are accrued at the intervals specified in your investment plan. For example, with Daily funding, the dividends are accrued daily. If you open an Accumulation investment plan, you will receive a profit at the end of the term together with your deposit.

Our company provides a function of automatic reinvestment of funds in a percentage ratio.To enable auto reinvestment you need to set from 0 to 100% in the deposits section.


You can withdraw funds on a daily basis.

The minimum amount for withdrawal is:
- Crypto $10
- Visa/Mastercard $5

No additional commissions are charged by the company for withdrawal of funds.

You can deposit and withdraw funds in any convenient way offered by the company. Namely, by bank card, e-wallets and cryptocurrency.

Withdrawal regulations take up to 72 hours.

Make sure you have submitted the correct application. If you have entered the wrong wallet address, we will not be able to withdraw your funds. If the application was done correctly, please contact our technical support and we will help you solve your problem.

Dividends will be credited to you daily depending on when you opened it.

Referral Programme:

Thanks to the referral programme you can earn without attracting your own investment. By fulfilling referral conditions you will receive new positions, bonuses, prizes, as well as additional referral levels to generate income from people registered through your partner's referral link.

You can have an unlimited number of referral partners. Fulfil the company's conditions for inviting partners and get incredible prizes for the best employees! Become the owner of a brand new smartphone or a luxury car donated by the company.

There are only 8 referral levels on the platform , as well as cash rewards, prizes for completing a team turnover.

Interesting tasks for the most motivated and ambitious! Perform simple tasks in your personal cabinet and receive funds on your personal balance. Great opportunity to promote and earn.

To get your partner into your referral network, simply send them your referral link and ask them to complete the registration process.

You can find your referral link in your personal cabinet in the Referrals section.

If your partner has not registered using your referral link, you and your partner should email Technical Support to let them know that this issue affects both investors. Once confirmed, we will fix this error.

The referrals section lists your invitee.

Other issues:

Multi-accounts are NOT allowed. In case of suspicious double account activity, a KYC check will be required. If we find that you have created 2 or more active accounts, we will block your funds.

No, we provide our clients with protection and security by placing them in an impenetrable zone and protecting them from all possible risks.

You may have an extension or plugin installed in your browser that is affecting the display of pages. Often this can be Google Translator. You can refresh the page by pressing Ctrl+F5 if you are using the computer version of the site.

In this case, you need to send an application to the official support contacts telegram @PlayFundsDevelopment or e-mail: [email protected]. In the letter, please indicate your name, surname, the reason for the change of E-mail and attach a selfie with your identity document and a sheet with today's date. Please also include your old and new E-mail address.

Play Funds Development works in more than 6 areas:
- Centralised On-Ramps
- NFT technologies
- Web 3.0 infrastructure
- Metaverse technologies
- Decentralised DeFi finance
- NFT game creation

To change your password, go to your personal account under (settings) and go to change password. Then you need to log in to your mailbox and confirm the password change.

To become an investor in our company, you must be over 18 years old, have a bank card and ID.

The company levelling risks thanks to a wide variety of directions, you receive your funds according to the contract. Thus, diversification of investments allows you to reduce risks and increase the stability of your portfolio. If one industry experiences problems or suffers losses, profits from other industries can compensate for these losses. In addition, the diversity of industries allows the investor to be more flexible and adapt to changes in the economy or market.