Barry John and Jonathan William share a story of friendship that has led them to ground-breaking changes in the gaming industry. They grew up in a small town with restricted access to advanced technology and poor opportunities to explore games and programming. They remained gaming fans until the mid-2010s, but they never perceived that as the basis for their future.

They showed interest for the world of gaming and technology only in 2017, when they were both in their forties. Their occupational responsibilities and life circumstances kept them away from being fully immersed in this world. Once they started exploring technology and realizing its potential, however, it was an eye-opener to a new world of possibilities and ideas.

Following many hours of self-education, books, and online courses, they began to apply what they had learned. Driven by the fantasy and imagination the games afforded, they started creating their first prototypes and experimenting with game development concepts. Their passion was relentless, even though they realized they had a late start compared to those who had been involved since childhood.

Their constant eagerness towards learning and improving their skills led them to enroll in prestigious technical universities in England, where they went on to immerse themselves in the world of programming and technology. Despite their age and minor delay, they have become true experts in this area, as their passion and diligence has caused them to catch up and even surpass those who started learning it earlier.

About the Foundation of

The foundation of PLAY & EARN AGENT LTD was a testament to them that their passion and perseverance made sense. They realized that despite their late start, they shared a unique perspective on games and technology that could reshape the industry. Their studio in London, located near Bristol Bay on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean at High Street BS9, is the product of a number of years of effort and endeavor.

PLAY & EARN AGENT LTD, along with our in-depth view on creating game projects, is also a venture capital fund based on investing in new GameFi startups. Our expertise in game development & technology insights allow us to both create unique projects and invest in promising startups, helping them to evolve and launch successfully.

FIRST STEPS of PLAY & EARN AGENT LTD in the gaming industry was the development of the CryptoKitties game in association with Dapper Labs LLC.

Such experience turned eyes to new opportunities and capabilities, which served as a groundwork for the development of new innovative solutions that have been incorporated into new projects. Despite their previous experience, this development made them visualize the whole gaming industry in a brand new way.

In response to multiple requests from our investors, PLAY FUNDS DEVELOPMENT, a customized investment project, was launched in 2022.

PLAY FUNDS DEVELOPMENT is a leading investment and technology project of PLAY & EARN AGENT LTD.

Also the founders of the company " PLAY & EARN AGENT"
passed on their experience and knowledge to many students,
who actively studied the field of game project development.

The best students became so passionate about this area that they began to take an active part in the life of the company. Over time, these talented students, who became masters of their craft, headed the representative offices of the PLAY & EARN AGENT company in many parts of the world.

Thus, the influence of the company "PLAY & EARN AGENT" spread to new lands and cultures, opening up new horizons and opportunities. Each student is responsible for the development of the company in their country:

Stefan Markovic

Direction Manager
strategic development in Serbia

Ju Xiaozhi

Direction Manager
strategic development in China

Vladimir Kostic

Direction Manager
strategic development in Montenegro

Dmitry Semenov

Direction Manager
strategic development in Russia

Among all the representative offices of "PLAY & EARN AGENT", the representative office in Russia occupies a special place.
This country, steeped in rich culture and history, has always been particularly important to the company.

Dmitry Semenov became the leader of the Russian representative office.

Under his leadership, the representative office of the company "PLAY & EARN AGENT" in Russia is thriving and developing, releasing new game projects that win the hearts of players throughout the country and around the world. Dmitry and his team are actively introducing modern technologies into gaming projects, creating unique products that bring joy and passion to all players.

Thanks to Dmitry's efforts and talent, the company "PLAY & EARN AGENT" has become an integral part of the cultural life of Russia, and its games have become popular among millions of Russian players. Dmitry and his team continue to make dreams and fantasies come true, making the Russian gaming industry bigger and more exciting than ever before.

Dmitry, represented by the representative office of the company "PLAY & EARN AGENT" in Russia, devoted himself not only to creating amazing games, but also to encouraging local talents and supporting Russian developers.

Also, under his leadership, "PLAY & EARN AGENT" began to actively invest in the training and development of local developers, as well as in the development infrastructure for the gaming industry in Russia. Under Dmitry's leadership, startup support programs were launched, master classes and courses on game development were conducted, and financial support was provided to promising projects.

Thanks to the efforts of Dmitry and his team, the company "PLAY & EARN AGENT" has not only risen among the leading gaming companies in the world, but has also become a shining example of this , how the development of the domestic entertainment industry can benefit the entire society.

This approach not only contributes to the development of the local gaming industry, but also strengthens the position of "PLAY & EARN AGENT" in the Russian market.



investing in promising startups,
engaged in the development of GameFi projects.

Since the beginning of 2017, Barry John and Jonathan William have gathered all the experience they have gained to create this project.

Active interaction and strong partnership with studios provide early access to innovative developments, thereby giving support to startups with expertise and funding.

PLAY FUNDS DEVELOPMENT actively cooperates with leading game studios specializing in the development of game projects.

Through each successful investment, PLAY FUNDS DEVELOPMENT solidifies its reputation as a key player in the GameFi industry.

Our vision goes far beyond creating innovative gaming products to supporting young and promising companies that offer innovative solutions in the GameFi industry. Investing in these startups, we strive not only to help them become successful, but also to bring our experience and expertise, helping them to achieve outstanding results.
Thus, PLAY & EARN AGENT LTD takes an active part in the investment milieu by supporting and funding promising startups, contributing to the development and strengthening of the GameFi industry.

key partners

Far from being just about passion and hard work, this story is proof that it's never too late to kick off and change your life, even if it concerns such a technologically challenging field as the gaming industry.


PLAY & EARN AGENT LTD also focuses on the smart contract development and token economy.

As one of the largest institutional investors in the sector, we have backed numerous industry innovators and protocols from the very beginning

The company infuses investments in hundreds of teams creating high-value products in such areas as:

  • Centralized on-ramps
  • Web3 Infrastructure
  • Decentralized Finance (DeFi)
  • Cryptocurrency assets

Another major focus our company pursues is the creation of decentralized funds and platforms based on smart contracts for gold mine crowdfunding in states such as South Africa, Gambia, Benin, and Morocco.

Investors are free to make their contributions to these funds, and the money will be used to finance gold mining. Mining profits are distributed among the participants according to their contributions.

Additionally, we use smart contracts to develop origin tracking systems for gold. Thus, market participants can be assured of the authenticity of gold and its origin, which may be essential in transactions and investments.

We aspire to align ourselves as strategic partners with founders and embrace a collaborative approach to investing.

Our team also intends to develop its own
PF token

PF Token is created by the Play Funds Development team using smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.

PF Token is a cryptocurrency token that will be used in decentralized financial applications and protocols.

PLAY & EARN AGENT LTD chooses to assume an even more active part in shaping the future of this industry.

Barry John and Jonathan William announce GameFi Innovation Hub, a platform for startups focused on merging gaming and blockchain technologies. GameFi Innovation Hub grants startups access to new insights, funding, and its industry partners. This hub becomes a place for gifted teams to develop their ideas and raise funds to materialize these ideas.

We believe that GameFi is the future of gaming and finance industry, where every player can become a participant in the digital economy. We're about to continue investigating and developing this world by making our contribution to the creation of decentralized gaming ecosystems

Our company's development plan

The company's business and development plan for a certain period

Launching the project

Q1 2020

Building a team

Q1 2021

Generating a key database over 120 TB

Q1 2022

Starting a new line of Lending investment

Q3 2024

Starting a new line of staking investment

Q2 2024

Starting a new line of Deposit For You Need investment

Q4 2024

Launching a private investment platform

Q3 2023


Q4 2024

Creating an NFT game with our token

Q4 2024

Starting a new line of listing on the PancakeSwap exchange

Q1 2025